June 05, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Here at Professor Patty Cake Consulting, LLC we stand as allies with the Black community and condemn the institutional systemic racism and violence that continues to target individuals of color. We grieve for those who have lost their lives, faced prejudice/discrimination, been subjects of racial profiling, and victims of police brutality. Our nation is hurting right now and change is needed. We must work together to address the hatred, injustice, inequity, and prejudice that have long been present in the US. We As a company who believes we should practice what we preach, we are committed to expanding our culturally responsive instructional resources for educators and pledging to donate a portion of our June 2020 profits to local non-profit groups working to address racism in #CNY. #Blacklivesmatter #BlacklivesmatterCNY

January 16, 2020

Improving Education Here and Abroad

Here and abroad, Professor Patty Cake Consulting, L.L.C. is hard at work empowering educators and improving education. Our CEO, Dr. Erica Vernold Miller recently traveled overseas to provide the keynote address at the Fonfdazione Feltrinellli's E Se Domani Event! At the event she spoke about ways to support modern families and build an inclusive community.

January 01, 2020

Are you a Philanthropic Fashionista?

The Professor Patty Cake Consulting team ❤️s fashion and giving back. We believe that when you mix Fashion + Giving you become a Philanthropic Fashionista!  We recently started a Poshmark closet to sell our preloved clothing, shoes, and home goods. We give a portion of our resell profits to local nonprofits/charities serving women and children.

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Students from the OnTECH Charter School Were Excited to Receive a Class Set of Books Donated by Professor Patty Cake Consulting!



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