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What We Offer:

Our leadership capacity building services have been specially designed by our highly experienced leadership consulting team. Our team consists of award-winning former school administrators, district leaders, daycare directors, and nonprofit executive directors who have the professional experience and advanced training needed to effectively support organizational leaders and help them build their leadership capacity. 


Our leadership capacity building services include:

  • Leadership Essentials for New Leaders

  • C-Suite Executive Leadership Support

  • Mid-Level Transition Guidance

  • Leading Ethically

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Supporting the Servant Leader

  • Leading for Transformational Change

  • Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Building a Resilient Workforce

  • Creating High Performance Organizations and Teams

  • Conflict Management and Effective Communication

  • Leadership Team Retreat Facilitation


Who We Serve:

  • Individual Leaders- principals, directors, c-suite executives, superintendents, and executive directors looking to expand upon their skill set and build their leadership capacity.

  • Leadership Teams - looking for for support and facilitation during leadership team meetings and retreats.  


How We Provide Our Leadership Capacity Building Services:

We provide our leadership capacity building services in a variety of ways so that we can best meet the needs of each client. Our service delivery options are:

  • Private face-to-face and virtual leadership capacity building coaching sessions.

  • On-site leadership building consultations and walk-throughs.

  • Face-to-face group leadership building coaching and/or workshop sessions provided at leadership team meetings and retreats.

  • Virtual group leadership building coaching and/or workshop sessions  presented through webinars, at conferences, or  during events.

PPCC Leadership Capacity Building Services


The Professor Patty Cake Difference

PPCC Leadership Consultants

All of our leadership capacity building services are provided by award-winning former educational leaders who have the knowledge and real world experience leading in various educational and professional organizations.

Support Diversity in Leadership

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership. Our leadership strategies are designed to empower leaders to embrace and capitalize on their own unique talents and experiences while supporting the diverse needs of those they serve

Use Data To Make Decisions

We believe that using research and data to make decisions is an important component of leadership. We work closely with leaders to help them collect and use relevant data to adopt and/or sustain best practices in their organizations.

Support Leaders' Well-Being

We know from experience that being a leader can often be an exhausting, stressful job. We partner with leaders to give them the skills and support needed to lead effectively without sacrificing their own health and well-being.

"The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity … out of discord, harmony … and out of difficulty, opportunity." ~ Albert Einstein
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