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What We Offer:

Our award-winning instructional coaches are experienced in utilizing research-based techniques to support educators' in their instructional improvement efforts. 


Our instructional coaching services include:

  • Instructional Observation & Feedback

  • Lesson Planning & Modeling

  • Curriculum Development & Mapping

  • Classroom Management Support

  • RTI Implementation

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Planning

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques

  • Student Data Analysis Support

  • Book Study Facilitation

  • First Year Teacher Support


Who We Serve:

  • Practicing Teachers - who are looking to improve their teaching and would benefit for additional instructional support.

  • School Districts/Schools/ Daycare Centers/ Summer Camps- needing comprehensive educator instructional coaching support.


How We Provide Our Instructional Coaching Services:

We provide our instructional coaching services in a variety of ways so that we can best meet the needs of each client. Our service delivery options are:

  • Private face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions

  • Face-to-face group coaching sessions or events

  • Virtual group coaching or events

Male Teacher with Students


Our Instructional Coaching


are passionate about sharing their expertise with others. 


have advanced degrees and certification in teaching, instructional design, and/or educational leadership.


are experienced former teachers, school administrators, district leaders, higher education faculty, and nonprofit directors.

Our instructional coaching team is comprised of seasoned educators who:

Instructional Coaching
Instructional Coaching
Instructional Coaching
Instructional Coaching
Instructional Coaching
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