Dr. Erica Vernold Miller, founder and CEO of Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C., has worked in the field of education for over two decades. Throughout her career she has held numerous teaching and school leadership positions in California, North Carolina, and New York. Currently in addition to the work she does at Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C. , Dr. Miller also serves as an inclusive education workshop instructor at Cazenovia College.


Previously, she served as a Visiting Professor and the Syracuse Residency Director for the New York University (NYU) Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program as well as served as the CAEP Accreditation Coordinator, Student Teaching Coordinator, the Inclusive Early Childhood, (IECE) and Inclusive Elementary Education (IEE) Program Director, and an Assistant Professor of Inclusive Education at Cazenovia College. Before working in higher education, she held a variety of positions in P-12 education, including but not limited to: special education teacher, early childhood teacher, principal, and nonprofit executive director.


Her research and expertise primarily focuses on inclusive educational practices, child development, multicultural literacy, nontraditional family structures, social justice, resiliency theory, and intellectual downplaying behavior. She is credited with coining the term "intellectual downplaying" (the act of playing down one's intellectual ability), founding the Intellectual Downplaying Hub, and conducting the first large-scale study researching the topic of intellectual downplaying.

Dr. Erica Vernold Miller
Dr. Erica Vernold Miller,
Founder & CEO

Dr. Erica Vernold Miller is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of our company as well as serves as our lead career coach and professional development trainer. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others through the work that she does here at Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C. 


Since establishing our company, she has published several new academic articles, presented at numerous conferences, and conducted workshops for parents, preservice teachers, teachers, school administrators, and the general public in locations across the United States and abroad. Through such work, she has helped countless aspiring and practicing educators expand their teaching repertoires and achieve their professional goals.


Those who have worked with Dr. Erica Vernold Miller have praised her depth of knowledge and dedication to the field of inclusive education. Described as: ENTHUSIASTIC, DYNAMIC, and KNOWLEDGEABLE; Dr. Vernold Miller's engaging personality and expertise have helped make Professor Patty Cake ® Consulting, L.L.C. the go-to company for comprehensive professional development solutions that empower educators and improve education.



Ed.D., Educational Leadership

UNC- Chapel Hill

MSA, (School Administration)

UNC- Chapel Hill

MA, Education (Special Education) California State University, Sacramento

BA, Arts in Education (Drama Concentration)/ NYS Elementary/Special Education Teacher Preparation Program

William Smith College



New York

New York State Early Learning Professional Development Specialist Credential- Level 3


School District Leader Professional Certificate

School Building Leader Professional Certificate

Permanent Special Education Teaching Certification (K-12)

Initial Elementary Education Teaching Certification (Pre-K- 6)


UCF/Allegra Stress Management Certificate


Certified Professional Career Coach Certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC)