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Saturday in the City Program: Summer 2022

Professor Patty Cake Consulting Upcoming Events
Professor Patty Cake Consulting Upcoming Events
Professor Patty Cake Consulting Upcoming Events Presenters

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The Gaining Clarity in Noisy Times Conference is a premier professional learning event designed for K-6 classroom teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, interventionists, literacy leaders, and administrators.


Is there really a great debate happening about the best ways to teach reading...again?

In times of academic discourse, the responsibility falls on the educator to make sound decisions. Join us for a day of learning where we will discuss the current trends

happening in education and give you effective strategies for how to sift through the misinformation and misconceptions.


As experienced educational practitioners, we will help you make thoughtful decisions anchored in the best of science, embrace responsive instructional methods, and create literacy plans that will serve the needs of all students.


Key take-aways:

  • Awareness of the implications associated with the literacy views throughout history

  • Learning a four part data protocol cycle for making instructional decisions

  • Understanding the learning progressions for growth and responsive planning

  • Reconciling the best approaches for responding to the needs of all learners

Registration Information:

Limited to 30 participants.

Price/Participant = $199.00

(Save $25 when you register by July 8, 2022 and use code EARLYBIRD)

Registration Deadline: July 22, 2022


Thank you for your interest in the Gaining Clarity in Noisy Times Conference. This event is currently sold out. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events please email us at

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